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Continuing education following the completion of your ISB qualification.

Being a prominent awarding organization within our respective sectors, ISB collaborates closely with numerous institutes to enable advancement prospects for our graduates.

All of our approved qualifications hold global recognition, and we strictly adhere to the guidelines and requirements established by our regulator, KHDA.

Outlined below are a few illustrations of our progression opportunities. Should you seek additional information, kindly get in touch with our Placement team.

here is the international standard of further education: 

  • Holders of Diploma 2 and 3 qualifications Entry into the initial year of degree programs

  • Holders of Diploma 4 qualifications Advancement to the second year of honors degree programs 

  • Holders of Diploma 5 qualifications Completion of the final year (top-up) at various institutions

  • Holders of Diploma6 qualifications Access to master's degree programs or BBA final term

  • Holders of Diploma7 qualifications Enrollment in the ultimate phase of Master's qualifications, MBA

  • Holders of Diploma8 qualifications Preferred admission to a DBA Doctorate


Progression at our vocational institute offers students the opportunity to explore their educational and career paths further. We provide a supportive environment for personal growth and development. Our aim is to help individuals reach their full potential by offering a range of courses and programs that can serve as stepping stones toward their goals. We encourage students to consider their options, seek guidance, and make informed decisions about their educational journey. The institute is here to facilitate progress, and the pace and direction are ultimately determined by the student's dedication and aspirations

Please note that we cannot provide a guarantee or make promises, but rest assured, we will do our utmost to deliver the best possible outcome

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