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Study fee

The tuition fee on this link is valid for this year, the fee can be paid in EURO or AED

Our Programs

Approved Vocational Diplomas:

Approved Advanced Diplomas: 

Approved Extended Diplomas:

Approved Advanced Extended Diplomas:

Training Programs / Short Courses: each course has a different fee, click here to choose from over 200 short courses

You can verify the approximate fee amount in your local currency by consulting Google, XE, or any other suitable service.

Additional Compulsory Charges

  • Application Submission fee: 99 Euro (starting from and not refundable)

  • Admission fee: 298 Euro (not refundable)

  • Graduation fee: 190 Euro (MUST BE REQUESTED 15 days before graduation), which includes: e-Diploma, e-Transcripts, e-Diploma Supplement (if applicable)

  • Program graduation Fee: 190 Euro

  • Other Graduation small fees: 27 Euro

  • Exam fee: 199 Euro

  • Basic Legalizations: 499 Euro

  • Deposit: 350 Euro

  • Activation fee: 99 Euro

  • Awarding body Fee: 480 Euro

  • On-campus study fee (per 1 week): 990 Euro 

  • Study Materials: 99 Euro

  • Internal Quality stamp: 90 Euro or 1.3% (whichever is greater)

  • External Quality stamp: 190 Euro or 8.6% (whichever is greater)

  • Online payment fee: 49 Euro or 2.9% (whichever is greater) (for all online payments)

  • Compulsory fee: 9 euros for each service

Optional Charges

  • Graduation Ceremony in Dubai: 590 Euro

  • Any Electronic Document: 9 Euro

  • Progress e-Statement: 19 Euro

  • Virtual Learning: 990 Euro per week (for students who are unable to attend in Dubai)

  • Additional Transcript: 100 Euro per Academic Record Transcript

  • Diploma Replacement: 990 Euro per Diploma

  • Financial e-Statement: 29 Euro

  • Sending Any Document via DHL/FedEx/TNT: 150 Euro for up to 200g

  • Additional Public Legalizations: Available upon request

  • Graduation Package (hard copy): 990 Euro (MUST BE REQUESTED 15 days before graduation), which includes: Diploma, Transcripts, Diploma Supplement (if applicable)

  • Visa Fee (AED) per Year: 4910

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