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Study Steps at ISB Dubai

​What are the options after each step at ISB: 

  • ISB 3 Diploma:

    • We aim to assist you in securing admission to a first-degree program OR continue with ISB's next step.  Your educational journey begins here.

  • ISB 4 Diploma:

    • Ready to advance? We'll work to support your admission into the second year of your bachelor's program or guide you to the next step with us.

  • ISB 5 Diploma:

    • Moving forward, we'll strive to help you gain acceptance into your bachelor's third year or continue your educational journey with us.

  • ISB6 Advanced Diploma:

    • As you approach the final stages of your bachelor's degree, we'll assist you in securing admission for the top-up program, a mere three months to your goal.

  • ISB7 Extended Diploma:

    • Pursuing a master's degree / MBA? We'll work with you to enroll in the final semester's top-up program, spanning 4.5 months.

  • ISB8 Advanced Extended Diploma:

    • For those aspiring to attain a DBA / Doctorate, we'll guide you through the top-up program, spanning one academic year (nine months) or two semesters, as you embark on your thesis journey.

Progression at our vocational institute offers students the opportunity to explore their educational and career paths further. We provide a supportive environment for personal growth and development. Our aim is to help individuals reach their full potential by offering a range of courses and programs that can serve as stepping stones toward their goals. We encourage students to consider their options, seek guidance, and make informed decisions about their educational journey. The institute is here to facilitate progress, and the pace and direction are ultimately determined by the student's dedication and aspirations

Please note that we cannot provide a guarantee or make promises, but rest assured, we will do our utmost to deliver the best possible outcome.

Unlocking Your Potential: Your Path to Excellence Begins at ISB in Dubai

Your Journey to a World-Class Education and a Bright Future Starts Here

Study Programs Structure

College Graduate




5 working days


Virtual Classes

Live Classes

1-3 weeks



Independent Self-Study

6-18 weeks


On Campus

in Dubai

1-3 weeks




8-22 weeks




1 day

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